Threat – Sense

Pearson Engineering's Threat-Sense provides any military vehicle with the ability to detect and positively identify surface laid mines by both day and night.

Threat-Sense uses artificial intelligence to identify surface laid threats. Deep learning algorithms can detect anti-tank and anti-personnel mines and indicate to operators in varying environmental conditions where threats are present.

The fully passive system simultaneously analyses video streams in real-time from visual and thermal cameras mounted on the vehicle. If any threats from a pre-programmed and trainable library are detected in either the visible or infrared spectrums, they are highlighted on a screen fitted within the vehicle and an audible warning is sounded.

This product can be used alongside Threat-Pathway.

Key Features

  • Detects surface laid mines ahead of the host vehicle, classifying the type of threat and reporting a threat confidence level
  • Supports decision making
  • Provides confidence in manoeuvre
  • Enhances understanding
  • Reduces cognitive effort without over-riding human decision making
  • Capable of detecting threats in adverse weather conditions (rain, smoke, fog, mist etc.)
  • Can be installed onto any host vehicle with sufficient electrical power budget and space volume
  • Minimal installation time
  • Small size and low mass
  • Fully passive system with no radiated emissions
  • Threat library can be extended per customer requirements
  • Can utilise an existing vehicle camera suite and in-vehicle monitors


Play video

Video | Threat Sense & Threat Pathway | Scatterable-mine detect & displace capability for military vehicles.

Play video

Video | Threat-Sense and Threat-Pathway | Storyboard to detect and displace scatterable-mines.

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