Protection and Route Proving

Pearson Engineering’s Protection and Route Proving range includes battle proven, ground engaging roller systems which defeat pressure initiated explosive devices. Our highly configurable rollers have saved countless lives, limbs and assets on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and have succeeded in ensuring ‘freedom of manoeuvre’ for soldiers around the world.

Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool

Our RP&C Multi-Tool provides comprehensive detect, protect and defeat capabilities in the face of explosive ordance.

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Route Proving Roller

Our route proving rollers have been proven by many Armed Forces during conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. They provide a high level of assurance against the threat of live IEDs.

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Self Protection Roller

Our self protection rollers have saved countless lives during more than 4,000 IED events. They provide a decoy for the vehicle’s weight to initiate IEDs before the vehicle and crew reach them.

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