Obstacle Marking System

Pearson Engineering’s Obstacle Marking System delivers a payload from a vehicle which can be used to mark safe lanes and areas.

The Pearson Engineering Obstacle Marking System is a vehicle mounted electro-pneumatic payload dispensing system most commonly used for marking the boundaries of routes and areas.

Designed to fire marker poles into the ground at controlled intervals, the Obstacle Marking System gives a host vehicle the capability to clearly mark out hazardous areas such as the edges of a minefield breached lane.

A dispenser unit enables marker poles to be fired pneumatically, either manually or automatically, into a variety of surfaces from sand and soil to asphalt and concrete at either timed or distance based

‘Marker Missions’ can be stored in the system menu to allow quick recall of settings for operations such as breach, funnel, handrail or exit marking. The display unit also gives the operator feedback on the type of payload selected and the quantity of marker poles remaining in each dispenser unit.

Key Features

  • Simple, compact, light and modular - can be fitted quickly and easily to most combat vehicles in a variety of configurations
  • Able to fire specialised payloads (LED, flag, colour-coded etc.)
  • Dispenser units can be daisy-chained together to form marker sets
  • Provides vehicles with the capability to clearly mark out safe lanes and routes or hazardous areas
  • Low weight system
  • Battle proven with Armed Forces around the world


The Obstacle Marking System comprises dispenser units mounted either side of the vehicle, compressor units mounted onto the vehicle, a control unit and a set of marker poles.

A dispenser unit is placed into its operating position by a deployment mechanism. Deployment is accomplished by a hydraulic cylinder. Only when the dispenser is fully deployed will it fire marker poles.

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