Loader Bucket

Pearson Engineering’s Loader Bucket delivers a powerful digging and carrying capability, enabling armoured vehicles to transport materials, clear obstacles, dig and fill trenches and to assist in construction tasks.

The Pearson Engineering Loader Bucket is manufactured from structural, wear-resistant steel to provide robust support to earth and obstacle moving operations.

The equipment is multi-purpose and is designed for a variety of applications including for use as:

  • a carrying bucket
  • a digger
  • an earth mover
  • ‘Grade and Grab’ capability can also be further provided to support mobility and counter-mobility tasks.


The adjustable pitch of the integral blade allows the bucket to articulate from an optimal earth cutting angle to a material dump position.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose product increases operational efficiency and speed
  • Fewer different vehicles carrying out different tasks reduces mission risk, complexity and the number of people in harm’s way
  • Powerful earth moving capability means defensive positions can be created at speed


Integration with the vehicle is made via a Pearson Engineering SLICE or Pearson Engineering Quick Connect. We also offer 'direct fit' to vehicles where suitable.

The most suitable integration method depends on the mission requirements and vehicle capabilities. Our engineers will work closely with end-users and vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to define the most appropriate route. Decisions are often based on hydraulic and electrical availability as well as the required role of the vehicle.

Our interfaces enable vehicles to be configured to undertake wide ranging combat engineering, mobility and counter-mobility tasks. In this way, a single vehicle can be used to undertake breaching, earth moving and bridging activities to enhance operational flexibility.

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