Earth Anchor

Pearson Engineering’s Earth Anchor is a vehicle stabilisation and anchoring blade which can hold a vehicle static in order to provide a platform for winching operations in a wide range of ground conditions.

The Pearson Engineering Earth Anchor is a multi-functional blade fitted to the front of a vehicle. The blade’s adjustable pitch, controlled by hydraulic cylinders, allows it to be optimised as an earth anchor or as a dozer blade, dependent on operational requirements.

The blade can anchor the vehicle in a wide range of ground conditions providing a stable platform for winching tasks, such as for vehicle recovery. When configured as a dozer blade, it can be used to rapidly clear obstacles and to undertake light dozing tasks.

The Earth Anchor is lightweight and strong, designed to resist the high loads generated during typical operations. The compact system holds the centre of gravity close to the vehicle structure.

Our Earth Anchors have three operating positions which are controlled by hydraulic lift cylinders:

  • Stowed for cross-country travel
  • Deployed for anchoring operations
  • Float for ground levelling and back-blading operations

Key Features

  • Combined capability - earth anchoring and dozing
  • Reduced logistical burden when compared to using separate, dedicated equipment
  • Lightweight yet highly robust, these earth anchor blades provide powerful capability
  • Battle proven with Armed Forces around the world


Integration with the vehicle is made via a Pearson Engineering SLICE or Pearson Engineering Quick Connect. We also offer 'direct fit' to vehicles where suitable.

The most suitable integration method depends on the mission requirements and vehicle capabilities. Our engineers will work closely with end-users and vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to define the most appropriate route. Decisions are often based on hydraulic and electrical availability as well as the required role of the vehicle.

Our interfaces enable vehicles to be configured to undertake wide ranging combat engineering, mobility and counter-mobility tasks. In this way, a single vehicle can be used to undertake breaching, earth moving and bridging activities to enhance operational flexibility.

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